Gratitude: The Fast Path to Happiness Practical Forgiveness Workshop

Practical Forgiveness Workshop

Forgiveness is part of the process that leads to self healing.
The result of this letting go is increased happiness.

Have you been searching for Increased Happiness, Inner Peace, and Personal Freedom?

Persistent angry thoughts and holding a grudge are obstacles to achieving happiness.

Many of us WANT to forgive but don’t know HOW to forgive.

This information-packed workshop is different from others because it provides a process of HOW to forgive.
Participants leave with a concrete experience of that process.

Participants are also provided with knowledge about physiological, emotional, and spiritual benefits of forgiveness.
This workshop can free up energy that can then be translated into a more productive life.

Discussions will include what forgiveness is – and is not – about.

In a safe environment, we will explore the deeper issues of forgiveness and also be given several forgiveness tools to
use in those everyday situations that can aggravate the most even tempered individuals.

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