Practical Forgiveness Workshop

Gratitude: The Fast Path to Happiness

Gratitude is the antidote to depression that improves life satisfaction and increases happiness.

Have you been experiencing a feeling of listlessness or dullness in your life?

Do you feel at sea without a rudder…purposeless?

Scientific literature indicates that the expression of gratitude or thankfulness and appreciation can raise happiness levels. Grateful thinking enables one to see what is good in life and to obtain the most benefit from these experiences. Then other aspects of our lives can change.

When we notice the good things in life, our happiness expands and life can flow more easily. We can see the options that are before us and new opportunities which arise when we are in a positive state, come to fulfillment more easily.

Gratitude has little to do with actual life circumstances. Rather, it is the lens through which we view life. In this workshop we explore our lives, as we live them right now. We will uncover many of the benefits and methods of living in a state of gratitude. One of these is discovering our sense of purpose…noticing how gratitude for the mundane of life, the things we take most for granted, contribute to the whole and increase personal happiness.

These highly interactive workshop exercises are designed to enable participants to carry this happiness into their lives with a minimum of time and effort.

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