Practical Forgiveness Workshop


Bio - Maggie Conley

Maggie is a former senior manager responsible for managing the training needs of a national sales and marketing organization. She has co founded and served as a trustee of both a boarding school for dyslexic boys and an alternative medical clinic.

Maggie provides scientifically researched workshops and seminars and offers consulting to individuals and organizations geared toward increasing personal happiness through learning the benefits and methods of gratitude, forgiveness, optimism and other strengths of a well developed personality. These traits have proven to be effective in making individuals more capable of inspiring optimism, which leads in turn to reaching goals more effectively and easily.

The underpinnings of Maggie’s work come from the new and emerging field of Positive Psychology, the scientific study of the personal characteristics that enable individuals and organizations to thrive. She holds a certificate in the Foundation of Positive Psychology, is a member of the International Positive Psychology Association (IPPA).

Maggie has a Master of Arts in Critical and Creative Thinking and has been inter denominationally trained in the art of Spiritual Advising. Unity Magazine has recently published Maggie's article, Holding a Grudge is Hazardous to Your Health. She also served on the Advisory Board of Florida Atlantic University's Lifelong Learning Center.

Previous workshop participants and clients have shared their experiences:

After having taken the Forgiveness Workshop,
my abandonment issues and dreams about
being abandoned disappeared.
M.O. Margate, FL.
I think you did a great job and your positive manner helped me a great deal in relaxing and accepting this new way of thinking. Thank you.
BP, Sudbury, MA
After the Forgiveness Workshop, I felt liberated
and less angry with the person I chose to forgive.
I.T. Boynton Beach, FL.
Extremely concerned and gracious the whole time. Sincerely interested and caring for each of us.
VM, Natick, MA
After the Forgiveness Workshop, two issues
that had weighed heavily on me were neutralized.
S.W. Boca Raton, FL.
Your sincerity was clear from the moment we stepped into your space. Thank you.
RN. Northfield, MA
During the past year the positive results of my
work with Maggie have exceeded my expectations.
I.T. Boynton Beach, FL
Well presented and very clear.
MS, Hudson, MA
When I started the workshop, I had a lower than average feeling about my current state of happiness/gratitude. I had experienced a stressful week, which apparently colored my perception of what and where I am. When I finished the workshop, I realized a tremendous increase in my gratitude score in spite of the happenings of the week. In fact, I believe that attending this workshop and doing the exercises has had a lasting effect. I am grateful for having had the opportunity of attending the Gratitude Workshop.
BZ, Boynton Beach, FL
Some post workshop comments:
  • "Wow, I went from a 4 to a 9. This past week had been tough."
  • "My numbers went from a 3 to an 8. I feel better now."
  • "I went from a 5 to a 10 and I learned a lot."
  • "It was great, my numbers increased."
I recently had the opportunity to enjoy Maggie Conley's lecture/workshop on "Gratitude: The Fast Path to Happiness". The workshop Maggie presented helped awaken in me an appreciation of the experience of Gratitude.....which I had been lacking in my life. The workshop exercises showed me how to apply and practice this concept in some way every day. I now understand and see that a practice (as well as an attitude) of "Gratitude" are essential to true happiness in life. Maggie's presentation was a blessing that revealed to me this power and potential for a more rewarding life. Thank you!
R.H. Wellington, FL
I loved your gratitude workshop. So unique & effective. I utilize my Gratitude journel every day which has given me a Happier Life. At the workshop, I enjoyed the interaction of all participants which I would have never known. Thank you!
S.B. West Palm Beach, FL


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